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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Art may imitate life, but life imitates tv

Quick, name five lesbian movies with a happy ending [it is amazing how much “Kissing Jessica Stein” does not fall into this category”)
No? OK, take your time… Still no?
Name 5 shows about lesbians/with lesbians. Not like, occasionally appearing, I mean, as regular central characters.
Name three movies or tv shows with a bisexual main character.
What about with a bisexual character at all, where bisexual is not defined as “someone who just sleeps with anyone and is a huge slut”
(Of course, we now know no men are bisexual, and all women are—see Cass’s post)

There’s a problem here. Lesbians are allowed to sing and write poetry-after all mainstream audiences don’t want folk music or poetry anyways—what kinda weirdo likes that stuff?
I mean, I do. The only concert I’ve seen in the past year was Melissa Ferrick and Tegan & Sara (and if you aren’t listening to them, go do so now) and my thesis will most likely be on poetry. But I go to a small liberal arts all girls school. I grew up in a major city-I have already been brainwashed into thinking lesbians are ok. The rest of society doesn’t want them.
Or, they want them. Porn lesbians are great. Of course, porn lesbians are really just slutty bisexual. Because lesbians are okay for definitions of lesbian equal to “two hot girls who want to (a) make out in front of me or (b) have sex with me at the same time”
But lesbians are not welcome in the big fuzzy hug to gays that Will gets. And bisexuals…are non-entities.

Why? I don’t know. Is the idea of someone liking girls and guys without wanting to sleep with everyone in sight scary? Is the idea of lesbians with personalities and bodies scary? Cuz they can sing or write poetry and not physical exist, or be in porns without personality, but realistic visible portrayals just aren’t okay. And I have no idea why this is, or why gay guys are allowed to…exist but anyone in a spectrum and/or female is not.

Also-name the last thing you saw about someone transgendered that didn’t mock them and didn’t have “punishment at the end”

I just happen to know the people running the queer film series at my school next year (*wink*) so if anyone replies to this with comments along the lines of “You are so wrong, watch ____” that would probably be helpful to them, and to me for stuff to watch. So, I encourage this. I will also note here that the show One Tree Hill this past season had a bisexual non-slut, and Veronica Mars had an episode with a male-to-female that if lacking a happy ending showed promise for happiness in the future. If These Walls Could Talk 2 showed happy stable lesbians who get a happy ending, and the show Ellen obviously had a lesbian main character. I’ve never seen the L Word, and can make no judgments on it.


Blogger Harper said...

I wasn't too impressed by the L Word. It might be interesting for you to watch an episode of, just to look at the theory behind it.

Anyway, I find that some of what you're talking about presents a double edged sword. On one hand, lesbians get no, well, let's say press. And I'm not going into the whole "silence equals death," thing, but I'm sure you can see where I'm going with that idea. It's almost like we don't exist sometimes, because some men (gosh, just some!) only think of lesbians in relation to lesbian porn.

On the other hand, by "not existing" we are often safer. That bisexual study wasn't done on women. People don't use Biblical quotes to scold lesbianism. I don't have statistics, but I'd be willing to bet there are more attacks on gay men than women. Because we're under the radar, because two girls holding hands can just be friends, we're safer.

But, again - silence is death. So we're safer, but have less a say in things.

So I liked your post, and I agree.

10:27 AM

Anonymous TexasShiva said...

Most of what I've seen tend to be in the indie genre, and the "quality" isn't as high as the more mainstream releases.

I did see a short called (something like) The 10 Rules of Lesbian Dating, which made me spit my soda with laughter. I also saw the original short that spawned The L Word, and felt it was much better (though I must admit Jennifer Beals is a better choice for Bette).

As I hear of/see more, I'll let you know.

11:32 AM


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