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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Because it's wrong...

C&L has a nice little linkie-poo to a video of Tim Russert saying:

One Republican said to me last night. If this was a Democratic White House, we'd have Congressional hearings in a second.

Oh, what was that?

Yeah, that's right. You know, I try not to become a proponent of the Right Wing Conspiracy...but doesn't this sound like an admission. It's funny (in the way that it's not) that Clinton got in trouble over his dick and Bush can't even live up to his father, who wasn't even a quarter of the president that Clinton was. (I'm not saying that Clinton was perfect, even outside of the fact that he just couldn't keep it in his pants!)

In other news, and speaking as we are around the subject of Clinton(s)....

I was shopping at a Borders over the weekend and noticed something that upset me. There are many many many political books out right now, which is fine. But Ed Klein's shoddily cobbled volume of straight up libel (check out those reader reviews!) was placed right at eye level. Freedom of speech is all well and good if it's the truth, but if it's been proved that that festering tome is filled to the jacket covers with nothing short of lies, then maybe it should not be elevated to such prominance. At least when Al Franken's book (Lies and the Lying Liars...) was displayed in the same spot we knew that Harvard level research was done to create it. It's like that whole "John Kerry is a pussy traitor schtick that was so popular during the election.


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