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Monday, July 25, 2005

Canada telling gay couples to be careful while traveling

Imagine a place where the leaders try to protect their people.

Same-sex couples told to be careful when abroad:

With gay marriage now legal across Canada, the Foreign Affairs Department is warning same-sex married couples to be wary when travelling or moving to foreign countries, which aren't likely to recognize the marriages and could even bar entry.

"As we welcome new legislation in Canada that extends access to civil marriage to same-sex couples, we must also acknowledge that many countries still do not permit such marriages," said Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew in a statement released yesterday.

"Whether visiting or moving to another country, Canadians should always take the time to learn about the laws of the country for which they are destined before leaving home."

How many times has our Senate shot down anti-hate crime laws? And here's Canada warning married queers to be safe.


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