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Friday, July 08, 2005

Children who hate fags

Sometimes I go on sites that I know will upset me. It's like watching a train wreck: it's horrible, but I can't stop myself. I think a lot of people do this. How else do we explain the trolls who have been bothering BlondeSense and AMERICAblog lately?

My personal favorite site to watch is Jack Chick's Chick Tracts. I like to do this because it's offensive and cruel, but at least I can laugh it off. Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church's God Hates Fags is harder for me to look at. It's more hateful.

However, a friend on Live Journal, userinfocabbers, did decide to surf that awful site. Here's what she said:

Every now and then, I surf conservative/anti-gay websites just to irritate myself. Naturally, I expect them to be offensive and ignorant, and God Hates Fags, of course, to be the worst of all.

But I wasn't expecting to find this. On their site, they have a section of picutures of "Children wearing t-shirts."

I wish I were making this up.

And she provides links of these pictures of children wearing God Hates Fags shirts.

Aren't they terrifying? One of the reasons this bothers me is that the children are innocents being billboards of hatred. But it's also scary to think how these children are indoctrinated already. They may not understand what they are wearing right now, but in a few years they will, and they will become another generation of hatred.

I feel like that with regular gay-haters, at least the kids have a chance. Daddy may speak poorly of gays and lesbians, but the kids can make their own choices. Sometimes the kids can even change their parents minds. I would be an example of this.

But the kids in those shirts don't have a chance. They're haters already, even if they don't know it. And that's really terrifying. They're just little innocents now, but someday they might be the ones protesting my marriage or the funeral of a soldier who died in Iraq. And I don't think there's a way to change this. These kids already have their future spelled out for them.


Anonymous vt_slayer said...

Saddest of all is to think that more than 1 in 10 of these children are gay themselves and are being taught with great zeal to hate themselves.

2:50 PM

Blogger Cass said...

They're chilling pictures. The younger children... they have only the smallest idea of what they're wearing. The older children? I call them complicit.

9:10 PM

Blogger marigolds2 said...

with your first commenter i have to say, goddess help any of these kids when they get old enough to claim their own sexuality and find out they're queer. they will live in torment. i have had the hair-raising experience of being at an event that was picketed by Phelps and his merry band.
i like your blog, and invite you to come visit our new group blog: there are, in fact, three lesbians on the staff. three! out of eight members. so, there's plenty of writing on the subject.

8:42 PM


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