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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Democrats shouldn't like things just because Republicans don't!

Mother of Monkeys people!

Harry Reid is becoming more and more annoying by the day. Sure his voting record (linked under his name) seems pretty good and he really blasted Gonzales a few months ago.

But look what he said about Hillary and, more importantly, Gonzales, now.

And now, because the Dems have become a party of "the lesser of two evils" KOS has jumped on the Reid wagon. We can not stand for this kind of double-think. Why is Gonzales unfit to serve as Attourney General but suddenly a good Supreme Court candidate? He's practically a criminal! I'm sorry, but I just don't buy the "embrace him just because the far right won't" argument. That kind of reflexive reaction is part of what has driven politics into this age of idiotic talking heads and sound bites. ("Democrats good! Republicans bad!")

Personally, I would rather have him now in his temporary appointment than for the next ~20 years.

This is very frustrating.


Blogger Harper said...

See, this is why I considered myself a moderate for so long. For so many of these people, it doesn't matter if they're Dems or Reps, it's all about the power and money. Don't even get me started on that junk around Dean.

And, there, I just brought up one of the good guys. Who doesn't buy into the rubbish you're complaining about.

I like the Democratic party. I'll stand behind them and support them because I agree with much of their platform. But I'll love them as a erroring parent, to borrow a metaphor usually reserved for the love one feels for the church. The Democratic party has a lot of problems it needs to work through.

4:15 PM

Anonymous vt_slayer said...

While I admire your idealism, Ion, we have serious practical considerations to consider. I think chances are good that Gonzales shares Justice O'Connor's respect for precedent enough to stand by Roe v. Wade. I think he is unlikely to vote to overturn the sodomy decisions, however much he disagrees with them.

This appointment has the potential fundamentally to alter the balance of the supreme court. If we shoot down a potential moderate Republican voice with the backing of a legacy-seeking Bush we are only going polarize the right and Bush in favor of another Scalia or Thomas. I cannot believe that we would be better off in that case.

I mean, let's face it: we're going to get a Republican no matter what.

8:16 PM

Blogger Harper said...

That's a good point, vtslayer. I just don't want the guy that called the Geneva Conventions quaint! Can't we get a moderate Republican who isn't morally repugnant?

9:26 AM

Blogger Ion said...

Yeah, Harper, that's pretty much what I was saying. A Republican I can deal with, but one as unscrupulous as Gonzales I can't. Also, as far as our global image goes, what's it gonna look like if Mr. OMG-the-Geneva-Conventions-are-liek-OMG-so-quaint gets appointed to the highest court in the US?

10:03 AM


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