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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Great AMERICAblog post on London...

I really respect AMERICAblog. A post was just made on it that I think has particular importance to our blog.

I'm going to paste just a bit of that:

One Bright Spot: Decency In The Face Of Terror
by Michael in New York - 7/07/2005 10:58:00 AM

It's amazing to me how decent and humane we can remain in the face of terror. I'm watching CNN and a panel of police taking questions. DAC Brian Paddick is one of them -- he's the most senior out gay officer in the UK police force and a hero to many in the GLBT community. Someone asked a question about "Islamic terrorists" and Paddick actually took a moment to denounce the very idea. He said that anyone who is a terrorist can hardly claim to be a Muslim, since attacking innocent people is counter to the very beliefs of Islam. (I'd say the same about "Christian terrorists" like Eric Rudolph et al.) This right after dozens are killed and hundreds are injured. He's not just being politic -- words like that can keep angry people from taking revenge on the innocent UK citizens who are Islamic. (link)

Great post. Go check AMERICAblog out. Seriously.


Blogger Harper said...

And for as many good people, there's always the bad:

Atrios links to disgusting Fox Column here.

11:25 AM


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