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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm back - and many articles...

Back early from the day away.

Latvia's Gay Pride went ahead. There were more protesters than those on parades, and eggs were hurled, but the parade went ahead. And I honestly think that's the most important thing; it's all about the baby steps. (And here's another article about this).

And for those Harry Potter fans in our audience, here's an article about metaphorical gayness in the books:

The boy is different. He lives in a closet. He's lonely and frustrated, until he's introduced to a colorful secret world of people like himself. And then he learns all the magical things he can do with his ... wand.

Rimshot please.

This article actually discusses slash. I don't know about you, but as someone who spent a great deal of her teen years in fandoms, I'm amused.

And here's an article about spirituality and queers:

"Silence is one of the most stultifying ways of keeping people in the closet," Coffman said. "You miss so much of the quality of life if you can't talk about your significant other."

I always find articles on spirituality interesting.

Also, State to study giving benefits to gay and unmarried couples:

Pennsylvania has taken a step toward offering health care benefits to state workers' gay and lesbian partners.

The board that manages health care benefits for state workers voted unanimously to study the cost of extending benefits to employees' same-sex partners.

The Pennsylvania Employees Benefits Trust Fund board is also expected to examine the cost of extending benefits to unmarried heterosexual couples.



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