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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Layout, "abortion pill" and Santorum+O'Reilly

New layout! I'm particularly proud of this one. Also, the banners (look down at them!) are making my day. Please, use them! Show us off!

All right, back to the news.

In a stunningly stupid display of irresponsibility and partisan word play, Fox News has been calling the morning after pill the "abortion pill." This is from News Hounds.

A small, but significant segment appeared on Studio B today. Greg Kelly (substituting for Shepard Smith) did a story on the morning after pill.

However, on Fox, the morning after pill became the 'abortion pill'.

Calling it the abortion pill and also having a banner that read 'abortion pill' sends a strong message to Fox watchers. This pill is widely known as the morning after pill.

This is simply ridiculous. The morning after pill is given to rape victims and the FNC is calling it an "abortion pill" so the uninformed masses will get up in arms. It makes me sick.

And while we're on fair and balanced news, allow me to return to News Hounds. As they say:

Bill O'Reilly interviewed Rick Santorum last night and agreed that Boston liberalism could have caused a higher percentage of child abuse cases in the Boston Archdiocese. After all, isn't Harvard right there? O'Reilly inquired about the surprising revelation that Santorum's senior spokesman was Gay accepting Santorum's prepared statement of tolerance without question. After congratulating Santorum for appearing, O'Reilly spoke to Barney Frank with the opposing view and gave him a very hard time.

O'Reilly may be a sleazeball, but I have more of a personal problem with Rick "man on dog" Santorum. And I simply don't understand how O'Reilly can claim any measure of being a fair newsman while pandering to this ass.

Please visit both links. They're very good. Also, comments on the layout?


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