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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More on bisexuality

DOKool once again kindly submitted a link. (And, hey, if you guys see something neat, feel free to leave a link in the comments).

From here: Bisexual women "pressured to be lesbians"

DOKool thought, and I agree, that this is interesting in relation to the NYT article that Cass posted about.

Women who are bisexual face an increasing amount of pressure to declare themselves as lesbians, according to a new study.

And bisexuals continue to feel their sexuality is a stigma, the study claims, in comparison to gay men and lesbians.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous DOKool said...

One more neat thing:

Queen Begged To Halt Canadian Gay Marriage

Oh those silly Canadians. From the discussion thread where I got the link from - "If the queen outlaws gay marriage, then only married gays will be queens."

3:40 PM

Blogger the roommate said...

I think (which the article says late) that pressure comes from many directions to "choose"
There are some many idea that being bi is just either slutiness (hey, my slutinesss is a choice, bi is how i was born =p) or an unwillingeness to admit either that really you are ga or really you are straight. It is considered conformist or being a follower despite the obvious fact that if I wanted to follow the majority I'd be straight-because even at small all-girls liberal arts schools straights are the majority.
And maybe you are just copyiong your frends. But somehow while bis, and I think maybe gays get accused of that people tend not to claim 16 year olds or 22 year olds or whatever are just being straight to copy their friends despite (again) straight being the majority.
everyone thinks they know what bi means, and most don't seem to follow the definition of the word-interested in both sexes.

8:10 PM

Anonymous DOKool said...

Yet another link...

UCLA to create world's largest gay film archive


12:41 AM


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