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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Preventing pain relief helps prevent nasty mansex

Image hosted by Via Adventures in Gastonomy:

Johnson & Johnson, as many companies do, has queer-specific ads for its products. A completely innocuous ad in the latest Advocate, selling Tylenol PM, has been targeted by some "family" groups as "a critical issue because it's one more way that the issue of homosexuality is being normalized and sent out as though it's not harmful," and another example of "Johnson & Johnson's committment to "financially support homosexuality."

Well, lovely. But these groups are also encouraging their members to call up J&J and complain about this -- so, as Karl from Gastonomy says:

Please call and THANK Johnson and Johnson for supporting the community (although, to be honest, they're more trying to make money off the gay community than support a cause...we are a capitalist society, afterall). But still, this ad is placed in a gay magazine for adult gay's not found in Good Housekeeping or Hightlights. It's also a lot less offensive that other ads I see in mainstream publications.

The number to call is: 1-800-962-5357, option 5

They seem quite happy, actually, to receive these calls.

Word on the street has it that they've shut down phones except between 9 AM and 4:30 PM Eastern Standard, but I still say it's worth a moment's work.


Blogger Harper said...

I have that ad in my Advocate! Crud, I'll call...

10:34 PM

Anonymous texasshiva said...

I'm going to call.

I wonder why it is that these groups feel the need to go check out gay magazines. Is it really to find out what ads are currently running? Or is it for the articles? I personally am not going to get a copy of The New Republic or American Conservative for any reason. Prurience is not an attractive trait for a good, American Christian...

1:02 PM


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