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Friday, July 29, 2005

Sexism, racism, and stupidity, oh my!

Will someone make this man shut up?

Birth Control Harms Women - a video clip from our friend Santorum. According to this blog:

He said it Thursday night. Birth control is harmful to women and society and it's "not a healthy thing for our country."

And I suppose bigoted haters who think that women (including lesbians) should be stuck at home over the stove while their husbands win the bread are good for America?


Speaking of things that are "good" for America, here's a little gem of personal interest, as I'm a Philly resident right now.

Tucker Carlson and MSNBC: Laughing at a missing, pregnant mom who's not from the suburbs. (Side note: this bit of news and the one above were found through Atrios's blog).

I'm sure we've all noticed how often the new media loves to cover missing white (often blonde) girls. I'm not going to comment on the tragedy of anyone missing - it is sad, after all - but it is an interesting point that news channels aren't interested in missing people who aren't blonde and sparkling. As the blogger says, pregnant 24-year-old LaToyia Figueroa from West Philly is missing, and it's not exactly MSNBC's finest hour. Please go read this.

A young, pregnant mother is missing, and MSNBC is laughing at the story.

Somebody needs to make them pay.

This is a good read.


Anonymous vt_slayer said...

I actually think Carlson has a point about there being a perception that crimes against black people are more common. The real issue is his apparant conclusion that the media should buy into this perception and not work to rectify it.

7:50 PM


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