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Monday, July 11, 2005

"Spain's First Gay Wedding"

The thoughtful and kind DOKool sent me this link about Spain's first gay marriage.

Two gay Madrid area men Monday became Spain's first same-sex couple to legally marry.

Carlos Baturin German and Emilio Menendez Menendez exchanged vows as family, friends and a bevy of news photographers looked on in the council chamber in the Madrid suburb of Tres Cantos.

"I declare you united in matrimony," declared the city marriage efficient. The couple then exchanged a hug and exchanged rings, although they declined to kiss for the cameras.

German, a psychiatrist and Menendez, a window dresser for a store have been together for 30 years.

I'm glad the the first people to get married (and thus get the publicity) are a couple like this - thirty years! That's a great example to the naysayer who insist that gays can't remain in a stable relationship.

"We're normal people who love each other and want to be happy," Menendez told reporters outside of the town hall following the brief ceremony.

Thanks again for the link, Dan!


Blogger Cass said...


And let's have just a little moment here to consider the mind-bogglingness of the fact that a predominantly Catholic country is like, "Gay marriage? Sweet!"

And then there's the U.S. And the sucking (very privately, in their own homes, where no one can be offended or have their marriage threatened).

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