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Thursday, July 21, 2005

UCC and CC

I don't think this should make me quite as happy as it does: Churches of Christ: We're not the UCC

''There's a bit of confusion among people from the outside,'' said Stephen Sutton, minister of the Maury City Church of Christ. Religious leaders in West Tennessee and across the country are hoping to clarify that the United Church of Christ and the churches of Christ are not one and the same.

''The Church of Christ by no means recognizes gay marriage as a valid and moral practice,'' said Howell Ferguson, a Church of Christ missionary with the Bear Valley Bible Institute based in Denver, Colo.

On one hand, we've got a church saying, "Don't mistake us with a church that promotes love and tolerance! We're hateful! Fire and brimstone! Brimstone, I say!!" And normally, this would upset me to no end.

But on the other hand, I'm glad the UCC's having further reaching effects. What they've done is being felt everywhere. And knowing that bigots are getting their panties in a twist? Well, that brings an extra bit of sunshine to my day. Good job, UCC.

''For someone to make the claim that gay marriage is acceptable in the church denies teachings in the Old and New Testament,'' said Ferguson, who is also the Bear Valley Bible Institute stateside coordinator for Madison County.

Ferguson and Sutton say they have never had contact with anyone from the United Church of Christ. ''I've researched their resolutions online,'' Sutton said. However, they welcome the opportunity to discuss and study the Scriptures with anyone.

Ferguson and Sutton cite a list of biblical verses, including 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10, in which they believe homosexuality is condemned.

''It doesn't use the word 'homosexual' but it uses the phrase, 'defile themselves with mankind,' which is pretty plain,'' Ferguson said.

Though they believe homosexuality is sinful, Sutton said, ''It's not to say that this could not be forgiven.''

I think these guys need to read their Bible a little more. Or have they forgotten about the parts of the Bible that endorse selling one's daughter into slavery. Or how about the parts forbidding certain foods?

Or do they, like the majority of allegedly "good" Christians, take bits of the Bible to follow strictly and leave other bits behind? This practice infuriates me to no end. The fact that these people are huge supporters of the "the Bible is the final word!" argument, and then they go and only pay attention to certain passages ... well, that's ridiculous. And so we come to the word of the day: hypocrisy.

I hate hypocrisy. You'll see this become an ongoing theme in my posts.


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