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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

You'rrrrrrrre Out!

Karl Rove is a genius. There is no shame in admitting that; credit is given where it's due. After all, he did manage to keep a nitwit (Oh look! He must be thinking about Iraq to have a light that bright going off!) and an ogre on top for this long. But, alas, he is not at all bulletproof.

What sneaky hunka hunka burning lead is, as we speak, burrowing its way to the place where his heart was struck down and consumed by "compassionate" conservatism?

That would be Valerie Plame. I believe a small victory laugh is in order.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ok. I lied. Here's a couple more because of his lap-dog-loyal minions.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

And in case you missed it Rovey-Rove? The Dems have one for you too.


You're more out than Carson Kressley.

EDIT: Huffington Post has a nice column written by Arianna herself about this and what big media is doing about it (read: nothing)


Anonymous Johnicholas said...

Can you confirm (that this is the story that might have happened):

Karl Rove told reporters that Valerie Plame suggested that her husband, Wilson, should be the one to go to Iraq (and do something?).

And he (Karl Rove) thought that this action would lead to Wilson's discredit. Wilson was at the time a vocal opponent of Bush's foreign policy, giving Rove motive.

How was Rove's attack supposed to work?

10:31 AM


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