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Monday, August 15, 2005

Gay animals

I've spent much of my TV time in Ohio watching Animal Planet. I love the station - absolutely love it. Jeff Corwin's shows are probably my favorite, but I really enjoyed the Growing Up: Seal program last night. Perhaps I'm a little young to make statements such as this, but if I had the chance to redo my college experience, I think I might have chosen to go into biology and animals, along with English.

After watching so much Animal Planet, you can imagine my joy at finding this article on Gay Rams, Lesbian Swans, & Queer Penguins: The Summer Of Love.

Gay rams in Corvallis, Oregon, lesbian swans in Boston, and gay penguins at several zoos around the world - they may shock conservative Christian groups fighting gay rights but for scientists they offer an insight into the origins and development of human sexuality.

Researchers at Oregon State University have found that about eight percent of rams are gay. The scientists, at the university along with those at the Oregon Health & Science University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Sheep Experiment Station, say that the finding may prove sexuality in general, and homosexuality in particular, may be biologically driven.

Who doesn't love those gay penguins? According to this site, Roy and Silo were together for six years. They made a lot of news when, after taking care of a rock like they would an egg, their keeper finally gave them a fertilized egg which they hatched. They took care of the resulting chick, Tango, just like any other penguin parents. Unfortunately, these two penguins "broke up," but according to the 365Gay article,

Zoos in three countries have gay penguins. There are three gay couples at the Bremerhaven Zoo in Germany. There are about 20 same-sex pairs at 16 major aquariums and zoos in Japan.

The 365Gay article also goes into the two swans in Boston. I think probably everyone's heard about these two recently. As one article says,

Boston's beloved pair of swans -- feted by city leaders, residents, and tourists alike as one of the Hub's most celebrated summer attractions -- are a same-sex couple. Yes, scientific tests have shown that the pair, named Romeo and Juliet, are really Juliet and Juliet. (link)

I'm a sucker for all these stories.


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