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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Gay Kids in Canadian Schools

I'll be away until tomorrow night, so one last post from me today.

Move To Make Canadian Schools Safe For Gay Kids:

To mark today's International Youth Day, Canadian LGBT rights group Egale is launching a national safe schools initiative.

The organization is circulation petitions across the country calling on provincial governments to outlaw homophobia in the nation's schools.

The U.N. International Youth Day focuses on the World Program of Action for Youth to increase the "opportunities available to young people for full, effective and constructive participation in society."

Education and human rights are two of the key focus areas of the UN program.

"Schools should be safe for all children, regardless of personal characteristics like race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity," said Laurie Arron, Egale's Director of Advocacy.

"While it is generally agreed all children deserve protection, all too often lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified youth, as well as children of same-sex couples, are left out in the cold. That's why provincial and territorial governments must take action to explicitly provide for their protection."

Can you imagine what would happen if they tried to start this here in the US? There'd be cries from all over that the liberals were finding new ways to show love and tolerance towards the perversion of homosexuality.

These right-wing conservatives cry so loudly and so often about "the children," but when it comes to actually caring for the kids, what do they do? How about try to keep good parents from adopting because said parents are gay? How about publish material about how to keep one's child from "turning gay"? How about stopping childrens shows that present homosexuality as an alternate way of life?

I don't think this Canadian initiative would ever go forward in the US. I'm a little envious that it will work there and not here, but I don't want to begrudge the Canadian children this lesson in love and acceptance. I just wish the US could learn from it.


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