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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gay marriage is sane

The American Psychiatric Association's board of trustees has voted "to approve a position statement that supports civil marriage for same-sex couples." Considering that this is the same group of people who, until 1973, listed homosexuality as a mental disorder, that's pretty damn cool.

"Marriage is a stabilizing force in society and APA’s position reflects its belief that providing the stability of marriage for same-sex couples and their families can only benefit all of society," [Dr. Jack] Drescher said.

The vote was 14-1, with two abstentions, and there are some comments regarding the validity of APA making commentary one way or the other on what some consider "a cultural and political issue and not a medical issue." Drescher, a member of APA and the head of APA's Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists, responds with:

"There is abundant literature showing that discrimination adversely affects the mental health of minority groups who experience irrational stigma/discrimination," he said. "There is also a growing literature citing the mental health benefits of marriage for heterosexual couples. These are important mental health issues."



Anonymous Danielle said...

Very interesting!

12:24 AM

Blogger Harper said...

That is really awesome. Thanks for the link!

2:27 AM


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