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Monday, August 01, 2005

"Gay" not a community standard

It's the little things that make me twitch.

An outdoor advertising company said Friday it refused to rent billboard space in South Georgia to a gay and lesbian advocacy group because their sign didn't meet "community standards."

Lamar Outdoor Advertising's South Georgia general manager, James Locke, said he turned the group down because of the wording that would have been used on the signs. [...]

"We just didn't feel the copy was right for those markets," Locke told Morris News Service in a telephone interview. "These are the markets we do business in, and I know the community standards of these markets."

And what was that questionable ad?

The proposed billboards featured images of professionals, such as a male firefighter and a female doctor, and include tag lines that read, "I protect you. And ... I am gay. We Are Your Neighbors."

Hm. Yes. We should certainly keep in mind the sort of community that would find such a message troublesome. And move in next to them with big, shiny rainbows hanging from our windows.



Blogger Harper said...

I've been looking at the pictures of those boards. The message was great, and the pictures were great.

What a disgrace this all is...

10:28 AM


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