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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gay stars - just for fun!

I'm more than a little embarrassed to admit what I read last night. I'm afraid that this post will be a far cry from my regular political and spiritual ones. I'll explain it off as a social post!

My mom left a copy of The National Enquirer open on my bed last night. The paper was opened to the sensational and awful cover story, "Who's Gay, Who's Not." In the dark of my room, I read it with embarrassement, glad that no one could see me.

Now, of course, that secrecy is all for not as I announce to the Internet that I've read the darn thing.

Anyway, it was fun to find out about Hollywood's openly gay stars. I'm a bit of a gossip - a trait of my personality I try to control - and it makes me feel good to see out, successful, and happy stars, presenting themselves and their love lives as a positive and beneficial aspects.

So let's have some fun. Who is gay and proud in Hollywood?

  • Naming Rosie or Ellen would be an insult to our intelligence. Everyone knows those two!

  • I'll start off with Cynthia Nixon. Her girlfriend is walking proof that there is hope for all of more plain lesbians.

  • Jillian Armenante and Alice Dodd: This one's really sweet. These two ladies are on the show 'Judging Amy.' They got married in San Francisco when Mayor Gavin Newsom allowed all those marriages. I'm such a sucker for sweet marriage stories. (If you want a nice picture of them shortly before their marriage, click here).

  • Heather Matarazzo recently came out. I liked her in 'Saved!'

  • Sara Gilbert, of Roseanne fame, recently had a baby with her partner, Allison Adler.

  • Do I even have to mention Portia DeRossi and Lilly Tomlin?

I'm sure I've missed a lot. Anyone else want to add something?


Anonymous Cabbers said...

Well, there's always Angelina Jolie, if we're including bisexuals.

Ooh, and Sir Ian McKellen, though he's not strictly "Hollywood." And if we're including the Brits, let's not forget Rupert Everett!

This is fun!

7:03 PM

Anonymous texasshiva said...

Don't forget Amamda Bearse (Married with Children), Judith Light (Who's the Boss), Tammy Lynn Michaels, Leisha Hailey and Katherine Moennig (L Word - add Laurel Holloman if we're including bi).

And my mind just went blank.

12:35 AM

Blogger Ion said...

Harper! How could you?! Clea DuVall!

*tuts at you*

9:29 PM


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