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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Goodbye, Lutheran church

The Lutheran church voted to reject gay inclusion.

A national meeting of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted Friday to rebuff what many saw as an attempt to push the denomination toward approval of blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples.

On a day when the weeklong meeting focused on gays' role in the church, delegates stripped language from a same-sex blessings measure that many Lutherans thought would give local pastors leeway in deciding whether to conduct the ceremonies.

Once the language was removed, the proposal then became an affirmation of current church practice, which bans such blessings and expresses "trust" in pastors ministering to gays and lesbians. It was approved overwhelmingly.

I'm going to be calling my church tomorrow to explain calmly and politely that I can no longer be a member for these reasons. It won't change anything, but at least my voice will be heard.

Tomorrow, I'll update with what happens.


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