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Friday, August 12, 2005

I know what boys like...

Sometimes I see these things, and I want to laugh, and sometimes I want to cry. this site will tell you helpful "facts" like symptoms your young son might be leaning towards teh gay (For example, if he likes to spend time around...girls. Yup, girls. Everyone knows boys being gay is all about them liking girls. wtf?) But don't worry, turnin g gay can be prevented. Unfortuinately, those pesky gays are trying to turn our kids by promoting pedophelia. *vomits*

I know we run across crap like this all the time, and some of us feel a sick need to keep reading. I'm wondering if there's anything better we can do? Something that would actually help in some way? Because just reading it and posting it here where other people who already agree with me see how stupid it is-this isn't changing anything.


Anonymous Frank said...

All I can say is be out and proud, indeed do hold hands in public; their views will only change through exposure, hiding ourselves only hurts us.

1:39 PM


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