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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Links from DOKool: Japan and Hendrix

userinfodokool has suggested some more links, and I bring them to you once again....

After 26 centuries, is Japan finally fit for a queen?

Japan's monarchy is so woven into the island nation's traditions that it survived defeat in World War II and invasion by the Mongols, and predates the introduction of rice. Now, a 3-year-old girl may be about to bring 2,600 years of male-dominated tradition crashing down

I think I heard about this when the little girl was born. From what I've read about Japan (and please forgive me if I'm incorrect here), Japan's still very patriarchal - and I think this article shows that:

"The tradition of the male line taking priority is a very important historical precedent," Mr. Ohara [expert on religious culture at Kokugakuin University] says. "We have a major responsibility not only to our ancestors, but also to future generations to preserve that."

I took Japanese for a few years. Both of my Japanese teachers, a younger woman and an older one, said that gender is chaning in Japan, albeit slowly. So maybe putting a woman on the throne - if it does happen - could be a positive step.

Side note: If for no other reason, visit the site to see the picture of the little girl. She's adorable. (Uh oh. Are my maternal instincts showing?)


Also, I don't have anything to add to this, but this could be fun to read:

Book: Hendrix Used Gay Ruse to Avoid 'Nam


P.S. I'm leaving for Ohio (and home) on Saturday. My parents are here and visiting from tomorrow evening onward. Posts will be sparse from Ion and me during this time.

I feel like I should wave to Mom now. ::waves:: Hi, Mom! (Did I mention my mom's a reader of Dyke Squad? I recognize that I'm a very fortunate person to have the support of my family in this blog).


Anonymous Becky said...

OMG, she is so CUTE!!!

I am also amused, because if they're using the kanji I suspect they are, Aiko's name literally means 'love-child.'

Damn. Such a cute little girl :)

3:09 AM


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