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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Visiting a United Church of Christ

I'm up early on a Sunday for the first time in a very long time. We're off to check out one of the local United Churches of Christ. We picked this particular church by - how else would one pick in the modern world? - its webpage. I was impressed with what its front page said:

The family of faith of Grace UCC of Loyal Oak is an inclusive, welcoming, affirming community committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Social Gospel Jesus taught and lived calls us to be nothing less than a church of people dedicated to welcoming all who walk through our doors as wonderful creations of God, made in the image of God. We celebrate diversity, pray and work for peace and non-violence in the world, and deeply care about the poor, the hungry, the dispossessed and marginalized by our society. We're not about judgment and tearing down, we're about supporting and building up! If you've been hurt and mistreated by other religious communities, know that you are safe with us...and can learn more about the God of love and grace who we love so passionately. Come spend some time with us...just as you are! GOD IS STILL SPEAKING....COME LISTEN!

(I apologize for not linking back to the church's website, but it's very local, and I do live in a small town, so please understand my desire for privacy).

The above bolded sections were written in a different color than the rest of the introduction on the church's website. I was impressed that they'd draw those bolded parts to the reader's attention.

I'm staying optimistic about this church. I am not into proselytizing, and an Episcopal church I tried to visit during college scared me away by how much they wanted me to get out into the community. I respect churches who try to help communities and help others, but I am a person who appreciates private faith. I hope that this new church - it looks so small - is into that private sort of faith. Let's wish me luck.


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Hope you find what you're looking for.

Chuck Currie

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