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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yuri and Shoujo Ai

I'm feeling very cranky and angry right now (re: Lutheran church thing), so I'm posting fun stuff.

I'm a geek. userinfodokool linked me to this out of the kindness of his geeky heart.

An Introduction to Yuri Manga and Anime:

A princess-turned-soldier falls for another female soldier. Two schoolgirl athletes competing against each other fall in love. A young woman determined to become a prince (not a princess) wins another young woman's hand in a duel.

These are just some of the storylines you will find in lesbian-themed forms of Japanese animation, called "yuri." Typically used to mean any lesbian content in entertainment media-- whether sexual or romantic, explicit or implied--yuri (also called "shoujoai") is found in both manga (Japanese comic books) and anime (animated Japanese movies and TV shows).

Manga is one of the earliest forms of comic books, originally produced in the late eighteenth century for adult males and packaged as books, rather than in the magazine-style format we are accustomed to in the West. These books dealt with a wide range of subjects including romance, drama, fantasy, action and even pornography.

I had such a crush on Haruka when I was in high school. That just sings of geek, huh? Well, she's a total dyke, so I think this is ENTIRELY within my rights to post on Dyke Squad.


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*sighs* Haruka still makes me swoon a little...

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