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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Zoe Williams = Preachin' it

The Guardian Unlimited's Zoe Williams gives a great response to the "gay sex is really... gay" Andrew Davies commentary with her piece "Don't Make Me Throw Up".

The really fascinating thing she does in her article is discuss the straight man's Lesbians Are Sexy cliche with an eye towards reconciling it with the straight man's Gay Sex is Yucky issue. And the whole damn thing is just totally quotable.

Gay men, therefore, are not actually men, and in fixating on lesbianism, straight men co-opt gayness into a special-interest sideshow of the heterosexual experience, and neuter the threat posed to their sexuality that they perceive to be posed by sex between two men. And that's all fine, though sometimes it would be refreshing to hear a man say "two women engaged in sex doesn't arouse me, but the idea appeals because it shores up my confidence in my own sexual identity". Instead of "phwoar".

Amen, sister. And follow that up with a good definition of some men's sexuality issues:

Gay men are fine so long as they don't rub our noses in it, gay women all dress as nurses when we're not looking, straight women don't really like sex but put up with it for the security and straight men are definitely, incontrovertibly straight.

And finally, let's round this out with a mention of the Church of England's recent "no sex for priests" issue and back to Andrew Davies again:

But the rather mysterious matter of the English clergy highlights the leaks in this unrocked boat. Their new solution in this matter - that a homosexual union between clerics can be accepted so long as they promise not to engage in actual sex - is much the same as Andrew Davies's solution for the telly. Gay people are fine when they show their gayness sartorially or in arch remarks. When they do so in the one way that properly defines it, that is not fine.



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