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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Charities are for Suckers

My coworker pointed this Op-Ed column out to me:


(The caps are from the original. I DON'T DO STICKY CAPS OK?!!!!1)

(Haha, Ion, you're soooooo funny...)

The title is extreme, I know, but give it a read anyway. Here's a little run-down of the content to entice you readers who are feeling apathetic:

There's only one reason flood victims aren't getting help from the government: because the government refuses to help them. The Red Cross and its cohorts are letting lazy, incompetent and corrupt politicians off the hook, and so are their donors.

As you can see this column is written a little nastily, but I think it's the thought that counts. Also, the blame is not on the charities, it is on the government. I know all of you Oldskool Conservatives (Fiscally responsible advocates of small government) think that this is just being typical Big Government propaganda. Well...

Cutting a check to the Red Cross isn't just a vote for irresponsible government. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what you'll end up paying for Katrina in increased taxes.

Now, let's consider this. You might be thinking "Oh, there's going to be a tax cut anyway." (Because there will be, just watch.) But, I need you to look at the big picture. Think about your kids. If you, say, don't want kids, think about someone else's kids, or even what your present taxes are helping to pay off. You know that budget Congress has to approve? That one your taxes pay for, and someday your kids will be paying for? Well, this Congress has been really bad about balancing that budget. By that I mean that we keep running this country on a deficit. Aha! Now I have your attention. Deficit. The big, bad "D" word. Now, a bit of a deficit might be okay (I'm not too too big on economics). But now we're at the point where it looks like we'll never really pay it off. Which, in terms of American complacency, sounds not so bad. However, the reason we can have that deficit is that we've borrowed money from other countries (hence the intrest on the deficit). Now, what would happen if one of those countries, say China, said "Hey, stupid Americans! We want you to pay off that loan!" We'd be caught with our pants down. Or maybe with a note explaining we needed a potty break.

But I digress.

The column also talks about what Congress spends money on, in units of Katrina.

For our leaders the optional war against Iraq is such a priority, which the Congressional Budget Office expects to cost $600 billion by 2010. That's four or five Katrinas right there.

That's a zinger right there. There's more of that too. Also a reference to puppies. So go read!


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