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Monday, September 19, 2005

Cindy Sheehan - Big Trouble in Union Square

I heard about it on the KOS first...

A small group of police began to congregate around 2:00 on the south east corner of Union Square. Cindy and her peace entourage were slightly late to the event, contending with public transportation.

Upon her arrival, applause and cheers filled the crowd awaiting her speech. A few other members of the tour movement spoke. Afterward, about 2:50, Cindy began her speech. It was friendly and empowering. She was grateful for the support and urged everyone to go to Washington DC on the 24th of September for a march on Washington.

At the conclusion of her speech, from my perspective, a few loud and impassioned boos erupted, then I saw a hand come from behind Cindy and grab her shoulder-strap on her backpack. The arm jerked her backwards, with such force as to snap her head forward, and she fell from my view.


Questions, so many questions. But I decided to wait for more information --- it looked really bad and I didn't want to be an alarmist.

Just now, this article popped up on Rawstory.

Go, have a read.

I know she wasn't arrested, but keep in mind that:

1.) She was manhandled and her peaceful event was disrupted by government enforcers.

2.) Most of the groups that use amplification without a permit get a summons, not an arrest.

3.) Bloomberg.

4.) This is America people.

Now think about that.

And then come out to protest this Saturday (September 24th).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man. That's ... really scary.

-Harper (at work)

9:19 PM


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