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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Evolution Schmevolution

For a really good laugh (and some fear as well), watch this clip from The Daily Show. I'm sending you to One Good Move, a site that often has video clips.

This clip is the first part of a multi-part look into evolution. The Daily Show calls it Evolution Schmevolution. It's really great. I <3 Ed Helms


Blogger the roommate said...

This bithers me in a couple ways

one- you know, a teensy bit before the Christians came along there were these other people called "Jews" who thought G-d created heaven and earth in 6 days.

two-Aren't there problems, like, scientific ones, with the theory of evolution? like the fact that random colidings producing life are roughly as improbable as us being birthed by a giant turtle? I could be wrong-I know luttle about this, it was just the impressionm I got that there were at least a few questions about darwin's theory. Which by the way, it is. a theory. It isn't fact and it should be taught with the mention that this could be wrong, and some people believe other things

11:50 PM

Blogger Harper said...

1. It's not a competition. Our religion was formed out of yours, yes, thank you, we all know that.

2. Sure, there are problems. You can't "prove" a theory in science. You can only support the theory with evidence or disprove it. But I learned that in high school - I learned that evolution had some kinks to iron out. I did NOT learn that we came out of some God's head, out of man's rib, or anything like that. We have evidence for the evolution theory.

11:22 AM

Blogger Harper said...

P.S. I'm sorry for sounding cranky. I just got out of the gym and I'm feeling, well, a little cranky.

11:27 AM

Blogger Ion said...

Aren't there problems, like, scientific ones, with the theory of evolution? like the fact that random colidings producing life are roughly as improbable as us being birthed by a giant turtle?

1. See my Post on Evolution.

2. If that is too long/technical a read for you, take the short cut and skim Wikipedia's article on evolution.

3. Now, I know you aren't into science, but there are a few points that I need to make. First of all, your comment about "the random collidings" is actually right in synch with the creationists and something that has been demonstrated not to be a problem. Proteins on their most basic level (and Nucleic acids for that matter as we don't know which came first yet) are made of Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Now most people, when they think of these elements think of them as their elemental form. Carbon is black dust, and the other three are gases, nitrogen being especially inert. That is a world-view that is completely silly and should be remedied in early science education. All four of those elements quite happily (even nitrogen) make all sorts of nice, water soluble, reactive compounds all by themselves. Combine that with the fact that early Earth had nice big, warm sloshy oceans and lightning storms, there are all of the ingredients for protein. In my post I link a wikipedia article about an experiment where some simple compounds (naturally occurring compounds) were put in a jar of water and zapped with some electricity. Suddenly, there were amino acids (protein precursors) in the solution. So, the random collision thing loses validity pretty quickly. Next, there are tons of studies done showing evolution either in action or as a record. Blood typing, for example, has shown that not only do different regions have different ratios of blood types. Anywhere where there is an isolated population, the ratios are very different. Furthermore, other sorts of genetic blood traits, like the Duffy blood type (malaria resistance) and even sickle cell disease (again, malaria resistance). Sickle cell disease is particularly compelling as it is most common in people from countries that have a high incidence of malaria.

Not only that, but a lot of medicinal biochemistry (which works out pretty well in the lab) is based on the fact that we share proteins with a lot of less complicated organisms. This seems to invoke the Evolutionary pillar of Common Ancestry. It's either that or the Flying Spaghetti monster created all of His creatures from the same types of tiny bits when He touched us with his Noodly Appendage. But, if humans are truly the most blessed of all creatures as Both Judeism and Christianity seem to dogmatically drill into their followers, then why would we be made of the same bits as E. Coli, which to early Jews would have been lumped into the plague catagory?

Just my two cents.

3:47 PM


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