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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gay marriage in California

I don't know if I dare to say a word about this. I feel like I could jinx it.

Second time a charm. The California Assembly passed legislation Tuesday night to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Gay and lesbian couples crowded into the legislature early this morning to see the historic vote. It was put off twice during the day when backers did not think they had enough votes. Finally, late Tuesday evening, when it looked as though it could pass the measure was put forward.

The bill passed by the slimmest of margins - one vote. But, it made California the first state in the nation to have a same-sex marriage law passed by the legislature. In Massachusetts, where gay marriage has been legal for more than a year, the decision was made by the courts.

The Senate passed the bill on a 21 to 15 vote last Thursday.

All I can say is, "Come on, Schwarzenegger. We need your help. These people - gay and straight alike - are under your protection. Do something right."

AMERICAblog has a bit of information up about this as well.


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