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Monday, September 12, 2005

Good ol' Scotland

Scotland's doing it. Remind me again why we can't?

The Scottish government is preparing to add gays and lesbians to the groups covered by a law against hate crimes.

Scottish media reports indicate the legislation will be presented to lawmakers this fall. It would increase the sentences of people convicted of crimes against gays and lesbians if it is proven the crimes were motivated by hate.

The legislation already covers racial minorities and religion.

Adding gays and lesbians to the protected categories grew out of a report showing there has been a marked increase in homophobic crime in Scotland. Throughout the UK gay men are almost four times more likely to be attacked than males in general.

LGBT rights groups praised the government initiative.

"It will send a message that homophobic crime is unacceptable. It will encourage people to report their complaints to the police and also put in place a system which registers these crimes as homophobic attacks," said Tim Hopkins, a spokesperson for the Equality Network in Scotland.

Good for Scotland.

Fun fact for the day: Did you know that a year ago today New Jersey Gov. James McGreeve announced he was a "gay American?" I remember watching the press conference - after the fact, of course. I didn't realize it was a year ago. This is why I love They have really great regular news information, and then they also have all that extra stuff, like a quote of the day and the Today In History section. So I shall pimp their site out. *pimp pimp pimp*


Anonymous vt_slayer said...

I oppose hate crime legislation on principle, but I suppose if one is going to have such laws one ought to include sexual orientation in them. So...yay?

1:08 AM


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