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Monday, September 19, 2005

I have a button that says, "God Hates Phelps"

Some of you might remember that I mentioned Phelps and his group planned to picket Rehnqust's funeral?

Well, they did.

And RawStory has some excellent photos.

The protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas -- more or less all relevatives of anti-gay activist Fred Phelps -- attacked Rehnquist while celebrating hurricane Katrina, which they believe purged New Orleans of unsavory homosexual elements. Similar charges resounded among more right-wing Christian groups, who noted that the gay pride festival Southern Decadence was scheduled right around the time the hurricane hit.

I am far more concerned by the less radical proponents of conservatism - I'm thinking of Santorum, Bush, those in Fox News, etc - who can spread their bigotry in more insidious ways. Phelps used to upset me, but he's so far off base that he doesn't anger me so much as confuse me. Did you know that some people even think he's a gay plant, sent to make the right look bad? I just think he's off his rocker.


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