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Saturday, September 17, 2005

I wish I knew how to quit you.

The trailer for Brokeback Mountain, the gay cowboy movie, is now up on Apple I heard it got good reviews at a film festival, but I have managed to lose the link.

Well, nevermind. I lied. Here it is:

Ledger said Brokeback, shot amid stunning mountain vistas, was the first "proper" love story he had played. "I find there's not a lot of mystery left in stories between guys and girls; it's all been done or seen before," he said. "I felt this was such a refreshing story of love. For me, our characters were also complex, and to...really investigate this form of humanity and expression of love was an opportunity that I hadn't had."

That impressed me. So many of these young male stars who share a male kiss for whatever reason spend the next few weeks talking about how they'll never do it again. Both Ledger and Gyllenhaal seem to be handling this well. Also, I've been hearing those delicious gossip reports that Ledger almost broke Gyllenhaal's nose in a kissing scene because he was so enthusiastic a kisser.

I admit that I'm a fan of both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. (After all, I was in the right generation to adore 'Ten Things I Hate About You' and it's wonderfully feminist protagonist Kat).

I'm also so cautious about this movie, though. Hollywood has a lot of trouble moving away from the ol' punish the queer pattern. I keep wondering, "Who's going to die?" I don't expect all movies to have a happy ending, but I'm so sick of reading stories about the self-hating queer or watching movies about the gay character who dies in the end.

I probably shouldn't say much more, however, since I haven't seen the movie and I know nothing about the short story by Annie Proulx that Brokeback Mountain was based on.

Edit: Oh, nevermind. I answered my own question by looking up info about the book and movie. If you're curious, you can, too. Warning: there are spoilers for the ending.


Anonymous texasshiva said...

Just a quick note...I looked up the movie on IMDB and what should I find, but that Jenny Del Mar (age 4) is played by Brooklynn Proulx, who happens to be the daughter of a couple of friends of mine. They moved to Canada a few years back.

Her next "big" film is as Mary James (Jesse's daughter) in The Assassination of Jesse James.

I don't know if it'll show in the movie, but she has the bluest eyes I've ever seen. And she's damned smart.

Small freakin world.

11:41 AM


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