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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Trans evacuee released

Some good news: that transgendered woman was released.

Transgendered evacuee released:

A transgendered Hurricane Katrina evacuee jailed for five days after showering in the women's bathroom at a local shelter was released Friday after the county attorney declined to press charges.

Arpollo Vicks, a transgendered hurricane evacuee from New Orleans, talks to the media after her release from jail Friday. Vicks was arrested Sunday at Reed Arena for using the women's shower facility.

Arpollo Vicks, who was born male but lives as a woman, was arrested Sunday by Texas A&M University Police for criminal trespassing after she exited a women's shower facility at Reed Arena. Vicks, 20, had been staying at the shelter with other evacuees bused in from New Orleans.

Brazos County Attorney Jim Kuboviak said he first became aware of the situation Friday. Upon reviewing police reports, he ordered that Vicks be released.

I like what she says at the bottom of the article:

"Maybe this will make people more aware of transgendered and transsexual people," she said. "They are all over, and they have feelings, too. Maybe now this will help other gay people or transgendered people have a more positive experience in Bryan-College Station than I had."

My best wishes are with her. I'm glad she was released.


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