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Monday, September 19, 2005

Using gay penguins to further the gay agenda

The Daily Show finally addressed one of my favorite gay couples: the gay penguins. (This is from One Good Move).

Samantha Bee: Just because it happens in nature does not make it natural!

Zoo guy (Dr Dan Wharton): Um ... I think by definition it actually does.

This is pretty damn funny.

Unfortunately, penguins Roy and Silo have recently broke up, as Fox was quick to point out here. But, they aren't the only gay penguins in the world, of course.

Ah, gay penguins. I love gay penguins.


Anonymous Johnicholas said...

Rick Lowry said "And I have to say, penguins are the really ideal example of monogamy. These things - the dedication of these birds is just amazing."

I did see this movie. One thing I learned is that they find new mates once every year. says "median duration of first [human]marriages that end in divorce: Males: 7.8 years Females: 7.9 years".

Way to erode the standards of monogamy, Rick.

9:51 PM


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