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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Vatican's going after gays

Vatican Gay Witch Hunt Begins:

The Vatican has begun its investigation of America's 229 seminaries to root out gays.

The threat that the Catholic Church was embarking on a pogrom against gay clergy first arose last month when new regulations submitted to Pope Benedict for his approval suggested that gays not be considered for the priesthood. (story)

The Church is attempting to lay blame on gays for the child abuse scandal that has rocked Roman Catholicism. Vatican investigators arrived in the US this week to gauge the scale of the scandal and to determine how many gay priests are in the priesthood.

A document obtained by the New York Times shows the investigators will seek to have priests turn in suspected gays. The Times said it received the document from a priest "who was granted anonymity because he feared retribution".

It shows that the inquisitors will conduct confidential interviews with every faculty member and seminarian, as well as everyone who graduated in the last three years.

Among the questions all seminarians and teachers will be asked are: “Is there evidence of homosexuality in the seminary?" and "Are there signs of particular friendships.” Both questions must be answered the document says.

Holy shit, they're really going on the attack. I didn't know that Pope Benedict was looking for a way to stop gays from entering seminaries.

The HRC's pissed:

“The real debate around this witch hunt isn’t between us and the Vatican, it’s between the Vatican and the truth,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese. “When the church makes gay men a scapegoat for pedophiles, it ignores one problem and creates another. It does nothing to keep children safe or punish criminals.”

This is going to have some interesting reactions.


Blogger Katie said...

That's an enlightening article. It almost seems fitting for the Catholic church, even though it isn't the right way to deal with all that has happened with the pedophiles. Hopefully they'll see that sometime reasonably soon.

6:47 PM

Blogger Ion said...

I saw the headline on Raw Story and decided, for the sake of my blood pressure, not to read it.

The Catholic Church needs to get with it.

7:03 PM

Anonymous thelatinist said...

The Church needs to read a psychology textbook.

9:11 PM


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