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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Who's the threat now?

So. I have a question.

We all know about Santorum's little man-on-dog obsession.

And O'Reilly's got his duck and goat fetish.

Wyoming might be passing a measure that'll allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense AIDS medication because God knows that dispensing medication to sick people is immoral behaviour.

A man in charge of a family organization compares sex with children to two, consenting adults engaging in a loving relationship.

And now, Melissa Fryrear of Focus on Family says:

“Sexual trauma is a huge piece of the puzzle. Having talked with hundreds of homosexuals, I have never met one that had not been sexually violated in his or her life.” [link]

(And I strongly recommend checking out that above link from Good As You).

So, anyway, here's the question part: look at those examples above and answer me this. Why are we - the lezzies and queers - the sick ones?

I mean, fucking hell, what is wrong with these people? I mean, look at them! They are liars and cowards and bigots and morons.

So let's play a game.

I am a twenty-two year old senior in college. I am an English major and creative writing minor. I am a lesbian. So what have I done today? I've requested several books for my senior thesis. I went to my job in the library. I went to one class because Wednesday's my light day. I had a meeting with a prof about my thesis. I just ate some hummus with my girlfriend. Recently, I marched for peace and designed some graphics for my personal online journal. I also read some books. I tried to eat vegetarian so I could help the animals. And I repeat: I'm a lesbian. So here you are, Republican Right Wing, I'm part of the gay agenda.

Now let's go on to President Bush. What has he done recently? Well, he's supported a criminal. He's messed up relief attempts in a disaster ravaged state and blamed local authorities. He's ignored signs of global warming. It looks like he nominated a supreme justice who is anti-equality.

So there you have it. On one side, you have a member of the gay agenda. On the other side, you have the leader of the free world. And what has that leader done recently? Helped world peace? Helped the environment? Helped end the vicious polarization this country faces?

No. He's done all those things I listed above witht he links and he has also moved his party and policies along so people like me - remember me? the girl working on her thesis and borrowing books and playing on her computer? - will not be allowed to marry.

Because in this world, apparently I'm a threat. Not the hate, not the inequality, not the cruelty, not the starvation, war, disaster, etc, etc. Nope. Those aren't as big of threats. If they were, we'd be more concerned with them. Instead, we're making policies to hinder gays getting married. Because we're the threat. It's us. It's the queers.


Anonymous Wherdragon said...

It really angers me how they seem to think it is somehow all right to compare gay sex with pedophilia or zoophilia. It doesn't matter whether or not you think homosexuality is morally wrong--it is still between consenting adults who can choose that wrong. A child or an animal can not. And it is a huge, gaping, moral sin to ignore that difference.


8:38 AM

Anonymous Wherdragon said...

Also, did you notice that the next You-Don't-Have-to-be-Gay conference is going to be in Boston?

I hope they get picketed out of their tiny, twisted little minds!

8:44 AM


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