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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bashing at Georgetown

I visited Georgetown when I was beginning my college trek.

Student Alleges Hate Assault:

Three unidentified males assaulted a Georgetown student walking near Lauinger Library in the early hours of Sept. 11, allegedly because the student identified himself as a homosexual.

Kevin Bowles (COL ’09), an openly gay student, said that he was harassed by three males, whom he believes to be Georgetown students, while walking with friend and George Washington University student Daniela Abatelli.

Abatelli said three males started yelling catcalls at her while she was walking close to the library with Bowles.

“I got belligerent and started defending myself,” she said. “I started walking towards them with attitude, but then Kevin said to leave me alone.”

Abatelli said one of the males asked Bowles, “What are you, a fag?” Bowles responded that he was a homosexual and told them to “keep walking,” she said.

According to Bowles and Abatelli, at least two of the three males started yelling anti-gay slurs at Bowles, and one approached and pushed Bowles.

I feel very fortunate to go to such a safe college.


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