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Monday, October 31, 2005

Down with anti-bully movements! Let the bullies reign!

When churches make a fit about how they plan to protest tolerance or unity activities, I'm always a little flabbergasted.

A group of Burlington pastors plan to launch an organized protest of a school-sponsored forum planned for Tuesday focusing on bullying and its affect on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. [link]

I understand when these churches speak out against gay rights, gay marriage, and gay role models. It's sad, but I understand what their argument is. But when you hear people saying, "Well, this anti-bully action can't be allowed to go on," I get a little confused.

The Reverand Steve Perkins of Saint John A-M-E Church says a group of pastors are opposed to focusing the attention on school safety for that specific group of students.

He says the fear is that if gay and lesbian students are singled out as a specially protected group, proponents of homosexuality will gain access to the hearts and minds of Burlington youth.

Riiiight. Let's not protect a group of children. Well said, Steve. Well said.


Anonymous Wherdragon said...

I agree. I'm not really sure how this man is justifying this to himself.

"Well, if we tell kids they can't beat up on the gay ones, then they'll think being gay is ok... and that's bad."


And yet, that means you're in favor of beating kids up, or, what's worse, standing aside while others do it. Disgusting.

2:11 PM


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