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Friday, October 28, 2005

Good Night and Good Luck

--- Or George Clooney Doesn't Have a Political Agenda...Why Would You Even Accuse Him of That?

I love George Clooney. He quietly goes about his business, both personal and political, and remains off the radar (aside from his delightfully shallow movies [Ocean's 11 *cough*]) until something pisses him off.

Something like...say Bill O'Lielly's stone-throwing from his marvelous abode of Amorphous Silicon Dioxide. My favorite bit from that little Celebrity (vs. "Celebrity") Spat is the part where George Clooney gets snarky on PBS.

But I digress...the movie.

The movie was directed and partially written by George Clooney (hence my comment about his Agenda). I liked that while he played a hero, he didn't write himself as The Hero (Ed Murrows). I also found it excellent that the movie was done in black and white. It gave the movie a certain authenticity; to be honest it had the same kind of feel as In Cold Blood --- not the murder bit, the creative narrative of the truth. I also liked that the clips of McCarthy were the real clips; no one played McCarthy. It's kind of mean to make people get into a character like that if you can avoid it I think.

The movie is also very detached, like the news reports. The emotional ups and downs are there, but there is a very obvious lack of the usual emotional wrenchings that dominate mainstream cinema.

Also, I like the modern political implications because I'm a rabid lefty.

I'm tired now, go watch it.


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