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Friday, October 07, 2005

Heh... Judge Judy loves The Gays

Ha! And now for some lighter news:

Television Star 'Judge Judy' Scheindlin Backs Homosexual "Marriage":

Appearing on CNN's Larry King Live Tuesday, television personality Judith Scheindlin a.k.a. 'Judge Judy', came out in favour of homosexual 'marriage'. Scheindlin, an outspoken judge who takes cases to be aired on television was thought by many to be conservative.

Asked by Larry King about "gay marriage", Sheindlin replied, "Who is it hurting? You know, my grandmother used to say who is it hurting? So, I ask you, Larry, if you have two adults and they happen to both be of the same sex and they love each other and they want to set up a home with each other they have as much of a shot as heterogeneous couples do. Fifty-two percent of marriages end in divorce, you know."

Judge Judy supports gay marriage!

I never payed attention to the lady until she was in a few Get Fuzzy comics. And who doesn't love Get Fuzzy?


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