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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Michael J. Goschka shows his mettle

This is getting a little embarrassing, and I don't even like the guy: the President's approval rating is now at 37%. And we still have three more years. Sheesh.

So did you hear the one about the State Senator who called homosexual unions a perversity?

State Sen. Michael J. Goschka brushed off an apology demand from a gay rights group upset by his description of unions between committed gay couples as "utter perversity."

The Brant Township Republican voted Thursday with a majority of the Senate in favor of resolutions urging the Michigan Supreme Court to block public-sector employers, including state government, from providing health insurance to the partners of gay employees until the court makes a final ruling on the issue.

In an e-mail sent to a constituent earlier in the week, Goschka invoked God and Christian principles as "bedrock" reasons for gays not to be covered by health insurance through a partner's public-sector job.

"Homosexual and lesbian unions under any arrangement does not, and never will, constitute a family," the senator wrote, adding later: "Simply put, no homosexual or lesbian union is ever appropriate; rather, it is utter perversity."

Well, thank you for that intelligent comment, Senator Dumbass.

Here's the worst part though: when asked to apologize, the guy totally refused.

"I see it as endorsing hateful actions and behavior against a minority group or individuals," Crane told The Saginaw News for a story published Friday. "We call on Sen. Goschka to apologize for his hateful condemnation of our loved ones."

Goschka laughed at the demand.

"They should apologize for their lifestyle and tolerating something so terrible," he said. "The lifestyle, the act itself, it is utterly perverse. It's not natural."

Goschka said his comments weren't intended to be a personal attack.

"I've had gays work for me," he said. "Not a lot. But I don't ask."

Well done. Very well done. Good to know that a man like you is a representative of this government. I know that I feel like I'm in good hands.


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