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Monday, October 17, 2005

Oh, Ohio. Stop playing games!

And just when I lost all hope in Ohio...

Historical Society To Preserve Ohio's Gay Past:

The Ohio Historical Society has formed an initiative with a gay newspaper publisher to document the history of gays in the state.

Organizers will collect mementos and memorabilia and tap the memories of older individuals who experienced what it was like to be gay before society was more accepting of gays.

"This is going to be a way to help people understand we have a history, a culture, and better understand what we are and, most importantly, what we are not," said Malcolm Riggle, owner and publisher of Outlook Weekly.

Cynthia Ghering of the historical society says the initiative is an extension of the society's multicultural effort to gather items from various communities.

The society already has copies of gay publications from the 1960s to 1990s; meeting notes from Stonewall Union, a gay-rights advocacy group; and photos and T-shirts reflecting gay pride and AIDS awareness.

Now, Outlook Weekly staff members will collect items significant to the gay experience, such as love letters, election-campaign materials from openly gay candidates and tiaras won in drag shows.

Damn, Ohio, stop playing these games with my heart! First, Cleveland Heights gave more rights to domestic partners than any other city. Then, Ohio had its state wide ban against gay marriage. And then there was thatthe revival on Friday. And now this.

You are a fickle state, Ohio.


Anonymous inonit said...

We're still fighting uphill in most of the state. There's a new statewide organization that's a bit more promising than its predecessors, called Equality Ohio. By the way, the City Councilperson who spearheaded the opposition in Cleveland Heights is up for re-election this year. Stay tuned ...

9:57 AM

Blogger Harper said...

Oh, good to know. I'm not from the Cleveland Heights area myself, but I went to school up there and I had a friend who collected signatures for the domestic partners thing.

Thanks for the update!

12:40 PM

Anonymous inonit said...

I probably know your friend ... I was one of the really involved people in the Cleveland Heights effort. It was an inspiring thing, to have literally hundreds of people involved. And some of the other Ohio orgs. have learned from us (and from our friends down south -- don't forget the big victory in Cincinnati in November 2004, using essentially the same strategy we used -- person-to-person campaigning).

2:00 PM


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