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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Target and birth control

AMERICAblog has an entry up expressing indignation over some Target pharmacists refusing to give out emergency contraception.

There's been a lot of flurry over issues like this lately, huh? I ... I can't even fathom it really. Consider the pharmacists refusing to sell the pill. I was on the pill for awhile - obviously not for pregnancy prevention issues. (Do I even have to say that, I ask with a grin). I sometimes wondered what would happen if I went to a pharmacy and they refused to my prescription. I somehow doubt that me yelling, "I'm a lesbian!" would have solved the problem.

But what would I have said? I can't imagine myself responding civilly. Let's be blunt here: I used this pill to make my life more bearable. And if some jackass with "moral issues" had tried to stop me from getting the pill designed to, shall we say, eliminate some "unpleasantness," there would have been some words exchanged. No civil discourse here, I can tell you.

Anyway, interesting post on AMERICAblog. Too bad Target's joined the fray.


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