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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Touched by His Noodly Appendage

This man must know about Jesus.So Boing Boing linked to a scan on SplitLevel of a page of a 1954 coloring book called "Listen and Do." The picture is of an Indian man bowing before a statue of Buddha and the cheerful phrase beneath the picture reads:

Here is a man of India.
He is praying to his god.
His god cannot help him.
This man must know about Jesus.
Can you think of some ways to help him?

So leaving aside my immediate reaction (hearing a B-movie villian crying out Your puny god cannot help you now!), this is a 'whoa, the fifties were weird' sort of news story, but not one terribly suited to the hallowed halls of The Dyke Squad.

Well... until you read the comments. There's the very fun "Of course he should search for Jesus OMG THE ONE TRUE LORD I <3 THE J-MAN" comments right at the beginning, followed by a whole slew of commentors pointing out that wow, is Buddha totally not God, but rather just an enlightened dude. Finally, around a third of the way down the page, we have the commentor MintieMouse post the following:

Can't we all just learn to live and let live? Yes, old religious propaganda is *funny* even to some Christians(I'm not personally, but I used to be) and downright laughable if you're NOT Christian. But honestly- I think you should respect other religions. From my old studies, didn't Jesus teach that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Whether you worship the FSM, Jehovah, Vishnu, Allah or whatever, you should respect other's faith.

PS: Why are homosexuals against the Christian religion?? I don't get it.

Wise words from MintieMouse concerning the 'live and let live' philosophy of viewing one religion over another -- and then, randomly, the question of those pesky anti-Christian homosexuals which has nothing to do with the post.

Heck, nobody mentions it before her.

Now, it may be an honest question. It's good of her to admit difficulties in understanding. But what prompted the difficulty in the first place? The coloring book does not say "Here is a man of India. He is praying to his god. His gay, gay god." Nor is there an angry queen raging about the comments section slaying all in his path with his vitriolic Christian-bashing.

I don't pretend to know what was going through MintieMouse's head. Maybe it was just something that'd been bugging her for a while. So let's set the record straight (as it were):

1) Not all gays are against the Christian religion, just as
2) Not all Christian demoninations are against gays, just as
3) Not all gays and Christian denominations are for the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Two of us are, at least vaguely, Christian on this board, and we're very, very gay. Are we against the Christian religion(s)? Heck no. Are we against what some of those religions do? Occasionally. Are we against particular Christians? Again, occasionally.

But is it a definite vote yay or nay? Dude. We're humans. We can't even manage to agree on how to pronounce the word "caramel." Of course not all gays have something against the Christian religion(s). Frankly, anyone heavy-handedly disparaging any whole group of people or beliefs is stupid.

...Which is not to say we, as individuals of our species, don't do it anyway. 'Cause occasionally, we're all kind of stupid.



Blogger Amee and/or Gavin said...

Hi. Wandering around and came across your blog. I thought this was an interesting question you had posed. I am (as I have heard said) straight but not narrow, and I am a Pagan. My manager at work is a gay man and a Christian who not only goes to church every Sunday but participates in a men's group and is otherwise active. Apparently the church that he goes to is a very gay-friendly church, but I have always been curious as to how he comes to terms with the fact that so many other Christians consider him a terrible sinner. I've never had the gumption to ask him, but now I may just do that.

10:13 PM


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