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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Trick or treat

It's my favorite time of year. To me, this is the best holiday-it combines eating sugar, wearing costumes, good movies, possibly lots of booze, and stuff I like (glitter, black nail polish, stripy tights) on sale Nov. 1st. I want there to be a song that says "it's beginning to look a lot like Halloween." I love it when I first start seeing stuff for sale, then the pumpkins and decorations appear in stores and at houses and around campus, and now we get to costumes.
I was thinking about costumes and women. There's this great part in "Mean Girls" about Halloween costumes, about girls being allowed to dress up really slutty and it being okay, and how girls wear these animal costumes that are all variations on the bunny costume-body suit of some kind (low cut) tail, ears. One girl is dressed as a mouse, and it is almost impossible to tell.
This year when shopping for costumes we saw that mouse costume.

Ok, in general the subject of dressing "slutty" is one I have issues with. The way I am built, shirts come in two sizes (that actually fit)-falling off my shoulders or tight across the chest. This means whenever I wear a fitted shirt, I am already automatically dressed in a way some people label as slutty. Beyond that, I like tank tops and short skirts and low waisted pants and whatever. I do this for me. It's the same reason I feel the need to wear pretty underwear every day even when I know for sure nobody will see it-it just makes me feel a little happier. And I hear a lot of comments about it not being comfortable to dress that way-like, in a literal, physical sense. And I think that is bull. Some girls (or guys) may not feel comfortable, but I do. I hate the way most jeans feel-it is rough fabric that rubs against my legs, when it gets wet it stays wet and when it is cold and your jeans aren't super tight, the fabric gets cold and makes you colder. I only like baggy jeans, soft pants, and skirts. A short skirt and warm tights is warmer in winter, and in summer I would rather wear a skirt than a pair of fitted shorts. I very rarely wear clothing I find uncomfortable. But people judge me and form ideas about me based on how I am dressed, and I realize this and am mostly okay with it. Like yes I would prefer for people to not think I am a slut [the issue of slut being bad I will leave for some other post], but if they care that much then they aren't people I'd be friends with anyways.
There's the only big party(parties) of the year tonight at our college. The all girls school girls will be dressed as skanky as possible in the name of being g in costume. On the one hand, I find it a bit revolting, and on the other hand I have always felt like a hypocrite for that. But I was thinking about tit more this year and I think my problem it is that these girls are the hypocrites. Not all of them, but if it is not okay the rest of the year, why tonight? If you claim to not be comfortable that way-don't dress that way, and if you are, then stop judging. I understand that Halloween is about being who you aren't, but when something is barely a costume, I draw a line. I don't know if this is unfair or not.
My other issue with the mouse costume was that it was for a young girl, maybe 11. And while I feel at 23 I should be able to wear whatever I want, I feel that children should not be dressed as sex objects. I don't care that it is Halloween.
So, I was feeling ranty about all this, but also a bit conflicted. It is sort of like tea freedom of speech issue. Yes I believe in it, but some people shouldn't be allowed to say certain things-particularly people who try to limit my freedom of
speech. But if we limit anyone's freedom of speech the whole concept is invalid.

I, by the way, am going to be a princess for Halloween. But Harper should post about our costumes, cuz it's her thesis.


Blogger Angel Girl said...

You have a great point, and I definitely see something wrong with little kids dressing all slutty no matter what time of year it is. If it's ok for them to wear it at age 8, then where will the line be drawn by time they are in high school?

6:31 AM


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