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Monday, November 21, 2005

God and the Hurricane are Best Friends Forever!

Good As You has information about another politician (from Ireland this time!) who says Katrina shows that God was angry at homosexuals. Oh, noes!

I highly recommend following the link. Good As You is always good for a laugh.

Anyway, looking at how many disasters there are every year in so many different places, I think that if God is angry at anyone, he's angry at heterosexuals. I mean, really. We just get blamed for one hurricane?! Get real! We had countless other hurricanes that hit "straighter" areas.

Oh, you insidious breeders, always trying to blame us poor queers. Look at the news! God hates breeders!

...I should start a website. I could be the new Fred Phelps. Just not, uh, crazy.


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