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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Methodist Church: hate is the new love

I just grabbed this off AMERICAblog.

Remember Stroud? Well, as she was defrocked, the Methodist Church also reinstated another minister - one who was suspended because he refuesed congregation membership for a gay man.

The Judicial Council's rulings also represented a sharp reversal in fortune for the Rev. Edward Johnson, pastor of South Hill United Methodist Church in South Hill, Va.

Johnson had been on involuntary, unpaid leave since June, when his fellow ministers in the church's Virginia conference voted 581-20 to punish him for refusing to allow a gay man to become a member of his congregation. His district superintendent and Virginia's Methodist bishop, Charlene P. Kammerer, had counseled him to admit the man, who had been attending the church and singing in the choir for months.

The Judicial Council reinstated Johnson by a 5-3 vote with one member absent. It said the church's laws give local pastors the discretion ''to make the determination of a person's readiness to affirm the vows of membership." [link]

It's a proud day in the church, indeed.


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