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Monday, November 14, 2005

Take back the words

Well, what do you know? An attempt to reclaim language.

Don't Allow Religious Right To Control Moral High Ground Gays Told:

The weekend conference in Oakland was organized by the Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Executive director Matt Foreman told delegates it is time to seize the moral high ground.

"Let's start by claiming our moral values - liberty and personal freedom for all," Foreman said.

He implored delegates to concentrate on two key issues this year: reach out to people of faith and demand that Democrats no longer dance around the issue of gay marriage.

"The Democrats' response to gay issues over the last few years has been incoherent and spineless, and that has only worked to their disadvantage," Foreman told Reuters. "There is a sense among large gay donors to the Democratic party that they need to have the party take a stand for us."

Can I say about damn time? Well done!

I hate how morals = anti-gay. How did we allow language to slip away from us so much? I think this bit of news is a breath of fresh air.


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