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Monday, November 28, 2005

Where ARE they now? - RENT

Through Page One Q, I found a link to (perhaps) one of the best named blogs on this whole Internet: (Motto: "His loafers are tight, his tongue is acid").

The writer of this blog recently wrote a "Where are they now?" entry about Rent (to celebrate the movie). As a fan of RENT and clever writers, I thought I should link to it.

A highlight:

After shacking up with Joanne on-and-off for fourteen more months, Maureen breaks it off, saying Joanne is a tight ass. She proclaims lesbianism was last year’s fad. Two weeks later Maureen hooks up with a Wall Street investment banker whose generous wooing causes her to realize principles don’t stack up next to Prada. She now lives in Connecticut, has three kids, performs in the occasional community theater show, drives an SUV and regularly shops at Talbots. [link]

Check it out.


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