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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Who follow the teachings of Cathol...

Just when you think you have the Catholics figured out...

They tell you to respect Science.

No I'm not lying.

See for yourself:

But we also know the dangers of a religion that severs its links with reason and becomes prey to fundamentalism. Read More!


I'm sure that Cardinal will soon get his comeuppance. Let's just hope he gets listened to enough before then.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found John Paul II's 1996 address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences to be particularly interesting:

It only took the Catholic Church 100 years to accept the gospel according to Darwin (the the rest of the scientific community). This is absolutely jaw-dropping, considering it took Catholics 200 years to admit the pope is only infallible when it comes to matters of theology, an astonishing 500 years to pardon Galileo for the sin of teaching that Earth revolves around Sol, and a whopping 1000 years to apologize to Jews, pagans and women for the butal Inquisition that would make Mengele most proud.

If they follow this pattern, it should only take the Catholic church a mere 50 years to admit culpability for aiding and abetting pedophile priests.

2:04 PM

Blogger Ion said...

Well said. I'm sure that part of those 50 years will be spent putzing around because the new Pope (who, forgive my blasphemy, because of a few well photoshopped images now only registers to me as Pope Palpatine) is more conservative than John Paul II.

6:40 PM


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